ODC Abstract
Design: Mia Wahlstein

Abstract Asparagus
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Abstract Asparagus

Abstract Beetroot

Abstract Blueberry

Abstract Butternut Squash

Abstract Mushroom

Abstract Sweet Potato

Abstract is a hand tufted collection designed by Mia Wahlstein. The shapes and patterns where born out of the reflections Mia had on the so-called Golden section and its aestetic value and significance for the design of ideal proportions. In this case a rectangle whose sides relate to the Golden section and that it would create a nice pattern on rugs.

The rugs are hand tufted botanical silk, Tencel, a natural fiber from cultured eucalyptus.

“Naming the colours turned out to be rather easy as the rugs are an abstraction and a play with the Golden section. The idea to the collection Abstract was to explore how simple a pattern can be and how close the tonalities can be. The rugs should always be tone in tone to create the feeling of an “almost” one-coloured rug that one need to approach to experience the nuances. In comparison one can observe our vegetables where there is a huge display of colours and variation but also small fine subtleties.” - Mia Wahlstein

Samples are made to order.
  • Material:
    100 % Tencel/Viscose
  • Production:
    Hand tufted, cut pile
  • Backing:
    Natural latex, polyester, cotton border
  • Roll width:
    Optional width up to 9 meters
  • Total height:
    approx. 18 mm
  • Total weight:
    approx. 6500 g/m2