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Astro African Sand

Astro Amber

Astro Antracite

Astro Apricot Blush

Astro Aqua

Astro Aubergine

Astro Avocado

Astro Beige

Astro Black

Astro Black Gold

Astro Blue Coral

Astro Burnt Orange

Astro Caramel

Astro Cement

Astro Chocolate Diamond

Astro Clover

Astro Copper

Astro Corn

Astro Cream

Astro Crystal Pink

Astro Dark Aubergine

Astro Dark Blue

Astro Dark Brown

Astro Deep Blue

Astro Deep Gold

Astro Denim Blue

Astro Dove

Astro Dried Wheat

Astro Evergreen

Astro Flame

Astro Fog Green

Astro Forest Green

Astro Fuchsia

Astro Gold Stone

Astro Golden Brown

Astro Golden Green

Astro Greyish Blue

Astro Golden Yellow

Astro Herbal Green

Astro Honey

Astro Iron

Astro Jadeite

Astro Light Pacific

Astro Light Peach

Astro Lilac

Astro Lion

Astro Mandarin Red

Astro Mango

Astro Medium Grey

Astro Metal

Astro Mexican Fire

Astro Mint Cream

Astro Mocha

Astro Nougat Rose

Astro Ochre

Astro Olive Green

Astro Overcast

Astro Pacific

Astro Pale Green

Astro Pink

Astro Pistage Green

Astro Powder

Astro Purple

Astro Rosy Brown

Astro Rouge

Astro Royal Blue

Astro Ruby Red

Astro Ruby Wine

Astro Sage Green

Astro Sand

Astro Seashell

Astro Silver Blue

Astro Silver Grey

Astro Slate Grey

Astro Smoke

Astro Smoked Silver

Astro Snow

Astro Soft Grey

Astro Soft Powder

Astro Spicy Mustard

Astro Steel Grey

Astro Taupe Grey

Astro Tobacco

Astro Tomato

Astro Torre Eiffel

Astro Turquoise

Astro Venetian Silver

Astro Violet

Astro is a luxury hand tufted rug made of botanical silk, Tencel, a natural fiber from cultured Eucalyptus. The rug can be made in a variety of beautiful standard colours and can be tufted in an optional width up to 9 meters.

Area of use: Hotels, meeting areas/rooms and other public areas with normal traffic as well as residential areas: bedrooms, walk in closets, living rooms etc.

Astro can be used both as wall-to-wall carpet and as a made-up rug.
  • Material:
    100 % Tencel/Viscose
  • Production:
    Hand tufted, cut pile
  • Backing:
    Natural latex, polyester, cotton border
  • Roll width:
    Optional up to 9 meters
  • Total height:
    approx. 18 mm
  • Total weight:
    approx. 6500 g/m2