Cork Stock Colours

About the collection

Our collection of cork is mainly for use on walls and for facing on counters and tables etc. With cork you can create a lively and warm interior. The wide usability of the material makes it easy to use in both modern and traditional environments.

Cork is a completely natural raw material with unique properties which gives it an unrivalled character. It is light, impermeable to liquids and gases, elastic, compressible and provides thermal as well as acoustic insulation. It is also fire retardent and highly abrasion-resistant.

Our collection of cork is natural, biodegradable, renewable, recyclable and certified with FSC. It is also allergy tested and resistant to moisture bacteria amd fungus. The adhesives and finishes used in the manufacturing process are formaldehyde-free and without other dangerous compounds.

The colours above are stock colours and can be ordered in smaller quantities.



Corb absorbs sound which makes it well suited in meeting rooms, pausing rooms, bedrooms and dressing rooms. But it can also be used for facing on counters and tables etc. Each cork range has a unique natural pattern and will be beautifully patinated over time. For use as "pin board", recommended thickness minimum 5 mm.

Coloured Cork - The cork can be coloured, but then it is not recommended to use as pin boards.

Please observe that natural materials can have smaller variations in colour, pattern and structure.
  • Size, roll:
    0,70 x 5,50 m
  • Material:
    100 % Cork
  • Thickness:
    5 mm
  • Quantity:
    Colours above can be ordered in smaller quantities.
  • Fire class:
    Class E
  • Antistatic feature:
    Permanent antistatic