Inspired by the sea, our outdoor rugs Terrass are produced with the most durable and refined polyester ropes, which combine an incredibly high resistance to sunlight and wear while still offering an elegant feel.

The Terrass collection is suitable for both interior and exterior environments and is available in custom colours and sizes.


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Terrass Caipirinha OL1/OM26

Terrass Caipirinha OL64/OM18

Terrass Caipirinha OM12/OL58

Terrass Daiquiri OL1/OM26

Terrass Lemonade OL1/OM26

Terrass Lemonade OL11/OM7

Terrass Lemonade OL57/OM28

Terrass Lemonade OL61/OL42

Terrass Lemonade OM18/OL64

Terrass Long Island OL1/OM26

Terrass Long Island OM25

Terrass Long Island OM26

Terrass Margarita OL1/OM26

Terrass Margarita OM25/OL2

Terrass Martini OL1/OM26

Terrass Martini OL57/OL1

Terrass Martini OL57/OM28

Terrass Martini OM18/OL64

Terrass Sangria OL1/OM11

Terrass Sangria OL2/OM25

Terrass Sangria OL37/OM24

Terrass Sangria OM26/OL1

Terrass Seabreeze OL1/OM26

Terrass Seabreeze OL64/OM18

Terrass Seabreeze OL64/OM19

Terrass Seabreeze OM7/OL11

Terrass Spritzer OL1/OM26

Terrass Spritzer OL2/OM25

Terrass Spritzer OL57/OL58

Terrass Spritzer OM23/OL63

Terrass Spritzer OM28/OL57

Terrass White Lady OL2/OM25

Terrass White Lady OL57/OL58

Area of use: Outdoors, lounges, meeting areas/rooms, hotels, restaurants and other public areas with heavy use as well as residential areas.

Terrass is to be used as a made-up rug.
  • Production:
  • Material:
    100% PES
  • Warp:
    100% PES
  • Backing:
  • Roll width:
    Optional up to 5 meters
  • Total height:
    Approx. 8 mm
  • Total weight:
    Approx. 4000 g/m2

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