This is Ogeborg

Ogeborg is a family-owned business in Sweden. For over five decades and for two generations we have shared our expertise and passion for honest high quality materials, carpets and textile floors.

Everything we do, we do with a great attention to detail and with a deep understanding of the tactile values a carpet or rug requires to be long lasting and timeless.

We are always curious, curious to find new ways and techniques. We believe that we grow through collaboration and by having a curious mind you can find a solution to the impossible together.

A textile floor does not only make the world softer, it also helps to define an interior or the function of a room. It can set the tone for an entire space or play a small modest part by enhancing the feeling and mood.

No matter where you start your project, we will assist you in your choice and assure that the result will be long lasting, high quality and have a low impact on the environment.

For us it is evident that one should be committed to the climate responsibility and our environment. Ogeborg is a climate neutral company and since 2007 we invest in third world projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally, which corresponds to our overall environmental impact.

We aim to secure the production, transport and management of our products so they meet our high environmental requirements.