About the collection

Our leather tiles are made for floors and walls in vegetable tanned leather. Leather tiles create a feeling of luxury as well as warmth and the wide usability of the tiles makes it easy to use them in both modern and traditional environments.

Leather tiles absorb sound which make them well suited in meeting rooms, pausing rooms, bedrooms and dressing rooms. Each tile has a unique natural pattern and will be beautifully patinated over time.


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Leather is a natural material. With correct care and maintenance premium vegetable tanned leather will age gracefully, developing a beautiful patina with use over time.

General advice:
We recommend regular vacuuming and wipeing with a damp cloth.
Exposure to direct sunlight will darken “blonde” colors and bleach darker colors.
Hot, dry air can dry out leather if it is not regularly conditioned.
Certain chemicals and detergents can damage the surface of the leather and tarnish the color.
Depending on the environmental pressure the tiles need to be treated with vegetable wax, (1-2 times a year), like carnauba or beeswax.

Please observe: tiles must be installed with special glue (Bindflex 1161).

Tiles in Serie M (with seems) are not aimed to be used on floors.
  • Material:
    100 % Leather
  • Standard sizes:
    12,5x12,5 cm, 20x20 cm, 25x25 cm, 30x30 cm, 40x40 cm, 50x50 cm och 30x60 cm
  • Special sizes:
    Can be produced upon request
  • Special design:
    We offer a way to intentionally introduce variation - embossed leather
  • Thickness floor tiles:
    2,5 and 3,8 mm (for wall tiles we recommend 2,5mm)