ODC Aster Vintage

Aster Vintage is a luxury hand tufted rug that is available in a wide range of colors and custom sizes.

Our hand tufted botanical silk collections are made of natural fiber from cultured eucalyptus. Botanical silk is shinier and slightly smoother than wool and linen. The lustrous pile gives a vivid impression and changes smoothly in shades when being walked on. For both contract and residential use.


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Aster Vintage Dahlia Aqua Green

Aster Vintage Dahlia Cement

Aster Vintage Dahlia Jadeite

Aster Vintage Dahlia Metal

Aster Vintage Dahlia Nougate Rose

Aster Vintage Dahlia Sage Green

Aster Vintage Dahlia Silver Grey

Aster Vintage Kalla Aqua Green

Aster Vintage Kalla Cement

Aster Vintage Kalla Jadeite

Aster Vintage Kalla Metal

Aster Vintage Kalla Nougate Rose

Aster Vintage Kalla Sage Green

Aster Vintage Kalla Silver Grey

Aster Vintage Kalla Taupe

Aster Vintage Lilja Aqua Green

Aster Vintage Lilja Cement

Aster Vintage Lilja Jadeite

Aster Vintage Lilja Nougate Rose

Aster Vintage Lilja Sage Green

Aster Vintage Lilja Silver Grey

Aster Vintage Lilja Taupe

Aster Vintage Pilar Aqua Green

Aster Vintage Pilar Cement

Aster Vintage Pilar Jadeite

Aster Vintage Pilar Metal

Aster Vintage Pilar Nougate Rose

Aster Vintage Pilar Sage Green

Aster Vintage Pilar Silver Grey

Aster Vintage Pilar Taupe

Area of use

Areas of use: Hotels, meeting areas/rooms and other public areas with normal traffic as well as residential areas: bedrooms, walk in closets, living rooms etc. The carpet can be used both as a wall-to-wall carpet and as a made up rug.

Please observe: Slight variations might occur from dye lot to dye lot since Botanical Silk is a natural raw material. When an exact match of color is required, indications must be given to our customer service and that information must be included in the purchase order.

More colours are available for your own design. Please see collections ODC Aster.

With a wide color range, high quality materials and the possibility to design your own pattern you can create a carpet that completes the room or the space. Beside our own color system we work with Chromatone, ARS, Pantone TPX and Pantone Fashion+Home. Our Hand Tufted rugs are a premium choice for both contract and residential use.

Samples are made to order.
  • Roll width:
    Optional up to 9 meters
  • Production:
    Handtufted, cut and loop pile
  • Material:
    100 % botanical silk
  • Backing:
    Natural latex, polyester, cotton border
  • Fire class:
  • Antistatic feature:
    Permanent antistatic