ODC Vega

Vega is a luxury hand tufted rug that is available in a wide range of colors and custom sizes.

The wool fiber has a natural fat coating which makes it dirt repellant. The matte finish of wool yarn gives the carpet a modest luxury feeling and our wool is available in both colored and uncolored yarns.

The colours in this collection are all available to choose from when making your own designed handwoven carpet.


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Vega W10A

Vega W2003

Vega W2005

Vega W2006

Vega W2007

Vega W2008

Vega W2009

Vega W2010

Vega W207

Vega W209

Vega W210

Vega W215

Vega W216

Vega W218

Vega W221

Vega W222

Vega W22A

Vega W398

Vega W399

Vega W400

Vega W403

Vega W405

Vega W479

Vega W488

Vega W500

Vega W501

Vega W502

Vega W503

Vega W506

Vega W508

Vega W509

Vega W510

Vega W512

Vega W513

Vega W514

Vega W520

Vega W521

Vega W523

Vega W524

Vega W525

Vega W527

Vega W529

Vega W536

Vega W537

Vega W539

Vega W540

Vega W541

Vega W542

Vega W544

Vega W545

Vega W546

Vega W547

Vega W549

Vega W555

Vega W557

Vega W558

Vega W559

Vega W560

Vega W561

Vega W562

Vega W563

Vega W564

Vega W566

Vega W567

Vega W568

Vega W569

Vega W571

Vega W576

Vega W577

Vega W578

Vega W579

Vega W580

Vega W581

Vega W601

Vega W603

Vega W604

Vega W607

Vega W608

Vega W613

Vega W614

Vega W615

Vega W616

Vega W617

Vega W619

Vega W621

Vega W624

Vega W626

Vega W62A

Vega W62D

Vega W630

Vega W631

Vega W632

Vega W633

Vega W654

Vega W659

Vega W660

Vega W661

Vega W663

Vega W665

Vega W668

Vega W673

Vega W674

Vega W675

Vega W677

Vega W678

Vega W679

Vega W680

Vega W681

Vega W682

Vega W683

Vega W684

Vega W686

Vega W687

Vega W688

Vega W689

Vega W690

Vega W691

Vega W694

Vega W696

Vega W697

Vega W698

Vega W699

Vega W69D

Vega W700

Vega W701

Vega W702

Vega W703

Vega W706

Vega W709

Vega W71

Vega W711

Vega W714

Vega W715

Vega W716

Vega W717

Vega W718

Vega W719

Vega W722

Vega W723

Vega W727

Vega W728

Vega W730

Vega W731

Vega W732

Vega W733

Vega W734

Vega W735

Vega W736

Vega W737

Vega W738

Vega W739

Vega W742

Vega W744

Vega W745

Vega W746

Vega W747

Vega W750

Vega W751

Vega W752

Vega W754

Vega W755

Vega W756

Vega W757

Vega W758

Vega W760

Vega W761

Vega W764

Vega W765

Vega W766

Vega W767

Vega W768

Vega W769

Vega W770

Vega W805

Vega W80B

Vega W865

Vega W940

Vega W993

Area of use

Areas of use: Hotels, meeting areas/rooms and other public areas with normal traffic as well as residential areas: bedrooms, walk in closets, living rooms etc. The carpet can be used both as a wall-to-wall carpet and as a made up rug.

Please observe: Slight variations might occur from dye lot to dye lot since Wool is a natural raw material. When an exact match of color is required, indications must be given to our customer service and that information must be included in the purchase order.

With a wide color range, high quality materials and the possibility to design your own pattern you can create a carpet that completes the room or the space. Beside our own color system we work with Chromatone, ARS, Pantone TPX and Pantone Fashion+Home. Our Hand Tufted rugs are a premium choice for both contract and residential use.
  • Roll width:
    Optional up to 9 meters
  • Production:
    Hand tufted, cut pile
  • Material:
    100 % wool
  • Backing:
    Natural, polyester, cotton border
  • Total height:
    Approx. 16 mm
  • Total weight:
    Approx. 3500 g/m2
  • Fire class:
  • Antistatic feature:
    Permanent antistatic