About the collection

Mira is a handwoven wool rug that is available in a wide range of colors and custom sizes.

Our hand weaving techniques allow you to combine colors, materials and patterns. You can divide the rug into sections, giving each a different pattern and color combination. In further addition, you can customize the rug by choosing between several finishings to complete your vision.

Except from the standard colors below, there is also an option to make your own design with the colors from our yarn collection – ODC Vega.


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Handvävd matta Mira Dark Grey.

Mira Dark Grey

Handvävd matta Mira färg Fog grön från Ogeborg Design Collection.

Mira Fog

Alternativt avslut Double-knotted Fringes.

Alternative ending: Double-Knotted Fringe

Alternativt avslut Single-knotted Fringes.

Alternative ending: Single-Knotted Fringe

Alternativt avslut Warp Braids.

Alternative ending: Warp Braids

Alternativt avslut Wool Braids.

Alternative ending: Wool Braids 1

Alternativt avslut Wool Braids.

Alternative ending: Wool Braids 2



Area of use: Hotels, lounges, meeting areas/rooms and other public areas as well as residential areas; bedrooms, living rooms etc.

You can choose a different ending than the regular plain one, see pictures above to find the alternative endings.

More colours are available for your own design. See collection ODC Vega that contains all the available wool colours.
  • Production:
    Handwoven, loop pile
  • Material:
    100 % wool
  • Warp:
    100 % polyester
  • Backing:
  • Roll width:
    Optional up to 5 meters
  • Total height:
    Approx. 8 mm
  • Total weight:
    Approx. 3500 g/m2