Space Oyster

About the collection

Space is inspired by unique textile patterns and surfaces, the collection is available in the colours Desert, Ivory and Oyster.

The cut pile is produced in wool and thick botanical silk and the looped pile areas are produced in wool.

Photographer: Kristofer Johnsson


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Handtuftad matta Space, färg Desert, designad av Sundling Kickén.

Space Desert

Handtuftad matta Space, färg Ivory, designad av Sundling Kickén.

Space Ivory

Handtuftad matta Space, färg Oyster, designad av Sundling Kickén.

Space Oyster

Areas of use: Hotels, meeting areas/rooms and other public areas with normal traffic as well as residential areas: bedrooms, walk in closets, living rooms etc. The carpet can be used both as a wall-to-wall carpet and as a made up rug.

Please observe: Slight variations might occur from dye lot to dye lot since Botanical Silk is a natural raw material. When an exact match of color is required, indications must be given to our customer service and that information must be included in the purchase order.
  • Size:
    2,00 x 3,00 m and other rectangular dimensions by request
  • Tillverkning:
    Hand tufted, cut and loop pile
  • Material:
    Wool and thick botanical silk
  • Baksida:
    Natural latex, polyester, cotton border
  • Total höjd:
    Approx. 10-40 mm
  • Totalvikt:
    Approx. 5000 g/m2