The inspiration for the Zen Collection by Axel Bjurström comes from zen gardens. One of the fundamental elements in a zen garden is gravel or sand that is raked in harmonious patterns and formations to play the part of water and mountains.

The pattern creates distinct directions but at the same time the rug has a soft organic feel through the harmonious peaks and valleys of the pattern. Monochrome and natural shades of wool enhances the depth of the pattern and the 3D technique that is used when the rug is made, creates an interesting shadow play through the day.

The Zen Collection is hand tufted in 100% uncoloured high quality wool from New Zealand and is available in five natural shades.


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Zen Turn NW105

Zen Spline W7

Zen Spline NW107

Zen Spline NW104

Zen Cirkle W207



  • Production:
    Hand tufted, cut and loop pile
  • Material:
    100% natural wool
  • Backing:
    Natural latex, polyester, cotton border
  • Roll width:
    Optional up to 9 meters